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720 Degree Rotating Faucet Attachment

720 Degree Rotating Faucet Attachment

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Want to add on something cool for your kitchen or bathroom what is saving water? This 720 Degree Rotating Faucet is the best add-on you can get for your kitchen! This faucet boosts up the water pressure for you so that you can save both effort and water while cleaning the dishes! Suitable for every faucet, easy to install and clean, and stainless steel and rust-proof.

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  • New Possibilities - you can use your entire sink, fill large buckets that normally don't fit under the tap or easily wash your face and drink from the tap
  • Save Liters of Water Every Week Thanks to this attachment's special technology, this tap uses up to 35% less water, but has a water jet that is up to 60% more powerful
  • Switch Between the Power and Eco Ray allows you to switch between the Power and Eco ray in a literal jiffy. The Power jet lends itself well for cleaning extremely dirty objects. Plates, cutlery and glasses are clean in no time!


  • 720° Rotation: for the toughest corners and chores!
  • Save Money and Save the Planet: a harder jet of water that saves water!
  • Two Modes: eco and cleaning. Easily switch to the desired mode!
  • Easy to Install: Fits on any faucet!
  • 3 Built-in Filters: ensure delicious clean and fresh drinking water!