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Easy-To-Grip Jar Opener
Easy-To-Grip Jar Opener
Easy-To-Grip Jar Opener

Easy-To-Grip Jar Opener

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With the Easy Grip Jar Opener, you can EFFORTLESSLY open the TIGHTEST jars & bottle caps without even breaking a sweat!

This durable, stainless steel, Easy-To-Grip Jar Opener is a simple, but a sturdy tool, designed to save energy by opening lids on bottles and jars in just seconds, with one simple twist! The adjustable, opening mouth features steel teeth, on the clamp, that grab the edge of stubborn lids tightly and hold on while you twist! 

Our Easy-To-Grip Jar Opener makes opening even the tightest jars effortless. The jar opener is adjustable and will fit most jars. Simply place it over the jar lid and twist the handle to open. It's that quick and easy! This utensil is perfect for seniors and folks with rheumatoid arthritis.


  • Easy to use: opens bottles and jars with one simple twist
  • Stainless steel material makes it durable
    • Adjustable mouth to fit most of the jars: (diameter must be between 2.4cm and 10.2cm)
    • Doesn’t harm the jar lid while opening